Welcome to Fortunes of the Winged Serpent. Come and look around I hope you find something that makes you smile! I hope you enjoy the picture of my wonderful Larva "fanglass" Thank you again Leah! I've been slowing down with my collecting lately but I hope I can still show off a jem or two. As always I LOVE FEEDBACK!

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10/2/2006My goodness I can't believe I forgot the two miyu TV cels! They are truly wonderful and perhaps they deserve their own update. I am hoowever going to dedicate this update to Steph and Jen. Visiting their gallery reminds me why I collect cels.
10/8/2005I'm back!!!! my laptop is up and running, I'm back in town and all is right with the world.
9/25/2005Well, everyone my computer has had a logic board metltdown!!! So I will be off line for a week or so, please understand if I don't return your feedback right now, I'll try to get back to everyone when Chii is home again! D
3/12/2005A long overdue update of cels that predate Katsucon. I'm thinking I'll have so free time very soon so I will make a valiant effort to ID the new Miyus. I'll also want to give you the heads up on a sweet update in the works.

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Title Last Updated
Ah! My Goddess (8) 6/6/2010
Angel's Egg (Tenshi no Tamago) (19) 7/14/2009
Angel's Egg copy Settings (12) 7/14/2009
Black Jack (1) 9/15/2011
Blade of the Imortal (3) 9/15/2011
Cardcaptors (2) 9/11/2002
Chuck Jones Artwork (4) 7/14/2009
Clamp cels Wish / X (4) 9/26/2006
Comic Art (6) 6/6/2010
Cutey Honey (2) 6/16/2003
Di Gi Charat (2) 7/25/2003
El Hazard (1) 11/19/2003
E's Otherwise (11) 11/30/2004
Escaflowne (2) 8/29/2005
eX-Driver (6) 10/9/2003
Ghost in the Shell (2) 8/29/2005
Grave of the Fireflies (2) 8/4/2004
Hana Yori Dango (1) 5/13/2004
Kimi Ni Todoke (11) 9/15/2011
KITE (4) 9/15/2011
Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy) (7) 9/26/2006
Macross II Lovers again (4) 9/15/2011
Mahou Tsukai Tai (4) 1/17/2006
Marmalade Boy (5) 7/15/2003
Original Sketches/ signatures (14) 6/6/2010
Pocket Dragons (6) 2/8/2004
Record of Lodoss War (1) 9/15/2011
Sailor Moon (2) 4/3/2004
Saki's Saint Seiya Fan Art (7) 3/11/2004
The Last Unicorn (2) 9/26/2006
Those Who Hunt Elves (1) 10/14/2002
Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust (7) 6/6/2010
Vampire Princess Miyu OVA (19) 7/14/2009
Vampire Princess Miyu TV (31) 9/15/2011
Vampire Princess Miyu TV -Miyu and Larva (15) 9/15/2011
Violinist of Hameln (8) 6/2/2005
Wolf's Rain (2) 3/20/2004

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